Wolf Rock Shifters

Box Set of Five Standalone Shifter Fantasies
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Wolf Rock Shifters

Five-book box set  

This is the complete 5-volume set of the Wolf Rock Shifters series. Stand-alone paranormal romances to get your blood pumping, your mind racing and your fantasies about sexy shifters coming to life. 

Winning the Alpha:

“For twenty-six years I lived, content, without you. I know that I’ll go on living even if I don’t have you. But I’m not sure that I could ever want to.”

A reality show with a howling twist. 

What happens when a curvy girl is asked to appear on a cliché-filled television show where twenty-five women are pitted against each other for the affections of one man? 

She accepts, of course, when the producer who recruits her is as charming and handsome as Tristan Rivers.

But little does the voluptuous Nikki know that what seems like a run-of-the-mill TV show will lead her into a world of shifters, hierarchy, conflict and ghosts from her past.

Tristan is a strong man with a heart of gold who’s willing to make sacrifices for the chosen alpha. But when he meets Nikki and his own instincts begin to kick in, is it time to change things up?

Only time—and love—will tell.

Bearing Up in Wolf Rock:

“I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating salmon.”

Kyla Greene is frustrated after a popular reality show put her pack–and all shifters–on the map. Not only are the residents of Wolf Rock getting more attention than they ever wanted; it’s not the nice kind.

Enter Maddox, a half-Maori bear of a man. The quiet, extraordinarily beautiful, oddly mysterious stranger gets Kyla’s juices flowing and causes a stir of his own in town.

Suddenly, things are looking up. And then down. And then up again, while disturbing incidents tear at the fabric of the shifters and of the community itself.

The Right to a Bear’s Arms:

Zoe’s a shape-changer who’s got it all, even the ability to shift into different human forms. When she finds herself on the run and headed to Wolf Rock, she meets Colson, a sexy bear shifter out to protect her from herself as well as whatever it is that she’s fleeing from. But the last thing she wants is another man in her life, let alone one who wants to look after her.

It’s just too bad this one’s so damn gorgeous.

Just as happiness is beginning to look like a possibility for Zoe, her world comes crashing down around her. Will the love of a good man be enough to ensure her survival?

To Lie With Lions:

“Mmmm, a lion. Oh my. You know what they say about lions.”

“What’s that?”

“Once you go lion, you never walk without crutches again.”

The ingredients: a lion shifter with the blood of a cowboy. Add to that the curvaceous daughter of a rich mogul. A burgeoning crime syndicate, run by a mysterious man whom no one can find or trace. 

When Nash, the solitary young man who enjoys long rides on horseback through the mountains, meets Cecile, a white tiger shifter, his life transforms into something he’d never imagined. But before he can be with the woman who seems destined to be his mate, he must find a way to protect his town, Wolf Rock, from the threat that’s infiltrated it. 

It doesn’t help that her billionaire father isn’t exactly crazy about his daughter being with a ranch hand. 

Which will win out, when duty and love collide? 

Alpha’s Hunt:

When Estée, a white tiger shifter, disappears off the grid, the residents of the town of Wolf Rock grow worried–particularly her family and the Wolf Pack.

Dascha has always wanted to be an alpha. But his recent shenanigans have landed him in trouble with the pack leader and he needs to prove his worth as a shifter–and a man–before he can earn the title. So he volunteers to cross the Atlantic and find the missing tigress. 

Little does he know what he’s in for: a handful of woman and a whole lot of problems.

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This is the complete box set of 5 books totalling aproximately 700 pages. .

Warning: This set is recommended for readers 18+ because of some strong language and steamy scenes.

There’s also a little blood and gore because after all, these are shifters we’re talkin’ about.

 If you are new to shifter romance, I highly recommend that you give this box set a try!

- Allie

…couldn’t wait to finish one so I could get to the next.

- Denise Taylor

I loved this series and can not wait to read more…

- minimimof2

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Stand-alone paranormal romances to get your blood pumping, your mind racing and your fantasies about sexy shifters coming to life.