Naomi & Quinn

Plenty of Shift, Book Three
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Naomi and Quinn

Plenty of Shift, Book Three

Note: This is Carina Wilder’s Choose Your Own Romance series: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping. At the end of each book, after the Happily Ever After, you’ll be introduced to the lead character from the next book. It’s up to you to choose who she–or he–will end up with when you select the next story to read. And the beauty of it? You can always read both!

Naomi, faced with two options, has chosen Quinn in this book: a wolf shifter who’s mysterious, charming, and sexy as anything. Not to mention that he does funny things to her body without even touching her. 

But when their very tame first date doesn’t go as planned, things only go downhill from there. Is this the end of their fledgling romance, or just a very inconvenient beginning? 

Grab the book to find out, and decide which fate is better for Naomi: to end up with the wolf? Or should she have chosen Tyler, the lion shifter? 

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This is a Choose-Your-Own-Sequel Paranormal Romance series. Each book is a stand-alone, and each heroine gets to live out her story as it might occur with each of two different men. The stories are approximately 27,000 words each and contain adult situations, shifters on the prowl and the occasional (okay, frequent) dirty joke. 

Whew, fanning myself just thinking of Quinn. I’d love to have him come to my house, anytime he likes. 


It’s so much fun to see how each choice would have turned out.

- Sue Kay Davis

Quinn is sex in a three piece suit!

- TJ

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Plenty of Shift is a Choose Your Own Romance series: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping.

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