Alpha Seekers, Book Four
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Alpha Seekers, Book Four

Torn between the bliss of love and the horrors of a frightening fate, Circe has pushed the handsome and loyal Phist away time and time again, fighting love in favour of safety.

But when an unseen and mysterious threat begins to attack nearby towns, Phist leaves to investigate. He disappears, leaving Circe reeling. Fate, it seems, will bring her to another man; one who’s suffered his own great losses. Will he help her to find Phist, or attempt to claim her as his own?

This is a stand-alone novel with two sexy shifter males, a woman who’s rather skilled in the ways of magic (and other things), and shifters galore.

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This publication is a satisfying standalone novel, however the ideal reading order for this series appears in the sidebar. 

This is a standalone novel, approximately 155 pages.

Warning: Recommended for readers 18+ due to steamy content. 

This is a must read [that] will keep you on the edge of your chair.

- Irene Talbert

Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. This book is all that I’ve been waiting for and more.

- Amaia Maldonado

What a wickedly good story. A must read.

- Denise McNamara

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