Going Hard

Single Ladies' Travel Agency, Book Two
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Going Hard

Single Ladies’ Travel Agency, Book Two

Lucy hasn’t seen Dylan in years, not since a passionate kiss they shared one night back in college before everything went horribly wrong. Things were complicated then, and they’re still complicated now. So when she runs into him on the streets of Rome during a summer holiday, she wonders what fate could possibly have in store for her fragile heart. 

Dylan has always thought of Lucy Horner as the one who would have gotten away. That is, if he’d ever gotten close to her. He was a fool back in college. Now he may just get another opportunity with her–as long as he doesn’t do something stupid again. 

The most extraordinary city in the world, entrancing in its timeless beauty and romance. 

When in Rome… don’t be a bleeping idiot. 

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This is a full length stand-alone novel, although it’s probably best to read book one first. Approximately 220 pages.

Warning: mature content

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Fascinating characters and enough suspense to keep you glued to your seat, white knuckling your ereader with your heart fluttering wildly in your chest.

- Judy Lewis

I love Carina’s books! Great plots. Always original. Perfect heroines and heroes, with plenty of flaws. Some steamy romance. And some hunky shifters. How can you go wrong?

- Aschlie Brake

I have LOVED getting to know this couple; their struggles, their chemistry, their fight for survival and for a chance to be together. These two have got to be one of my favorite book couples ever.

- TJ

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