Plenty of Shift, Book One
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 Plenty of Shift, Book One

Note: This is Carina Wilder’s Choose Your Own Romance series: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping. At the end of each book, after the Happily Ever After, you’ll be introduced to the lead character from the next book. It’s up to you to choose who she–or he–will end up with when you select the next story to read. And the beauty of it? You can always read both!

How well do boxer shorts burn? 

Very well, it turns out, when accompanied by liberal amounts of lighter fluid.

Miri’s had it with her cheating, lying, SOB boyfriend. And as she leaves him and a pile of charred clothes on his carpet, she embarks on a new life, independent of dirtbags. She’s always had a gift for matchmaking. Well, as long as she’s not part of the equation. And when her best friend suggests that she start a dating service, she can’t entirely find a reason not to. 

Meanwhile, the most gorgeous bear shifter/bartender who ever lived enters her life. Will she be able to resist her own desires while she gets her new business going?

Probably not. Remember–he’s a gorgeous bear shifter. 

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This is Book One of Plenty of Shift, a Choose-Your-Own-Romance serial. It’s up to you to choose who the lead will end up with when you select the next story to read.

Approximately 90 standard pages.

Warning: mature content

Deliciously cute, seriously sexy and completely captivating!

- Judy Lewis

A truly gifted author. The characters spring to life with magnificent scene descriptions.

- Sherill

Well written and funny, with a very intresting plot and some witty and very Alpha characters.

- Iliana G

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