Alpha's Mate

Dire Wolves of London, Book One
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Alpha’s Mate

Dire Wolves of London, Book One

London’s in a deep freeze, but for a certain pack of Dire Wolf shifters, things are about to heat up.
Roth, the Alpha of the pack, has decided that his men should return to the Old Ways and the rituals from days long past, when every female had two male lovers.

He’s chosen his closest friend, Laird, as his second. Now the two men just need to meet their destined mate: the mysterious, beautiful woman who has a dangerous habit of roaming through Hyde Park alone at night.

Emma Danforth is a geneticist working at a London university. Solitary, scholarly and shy, she’s not exactly the sort of woman who gets approached regularly by large, hot men in pubs. And she’s definitely not the kind of woman who’s ever found herself desired by two of them. For the self-proclaimed nerd in tights, the word threesome has only ever existed in a dictionary.
But she’s about to uncover a new destiny interlaced with magic, danger, and a sensuality like nothing she’s ever known.

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The first book in the Dire Wolves of London series is approximately 50,000 words of hot shifters, a very lucky woman, and some very cold winter nights.

An intoxicating romantic tale filled with gripping suspense, secrets, horrific danger, life-threatening peril, powerful vivid scene descriptions, and sensuous sizzling passionate romance that keep you turning pages and craving more.

- Midniteink

This is one hot story.

- Dorothy Phillips

Carina has a style of writing that draws you into the story and makes you live it.

You will ache for Ashlyn and Aegis whether in lust, love or pain and agony. You will be immersed in their lives whether you want to or not!

- Denise Taylor

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