Dragon seeker

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Two
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Dragon Seeker

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Two

Trix is a talented, feisty redhead with a talent for finding trouble, and her love life is no exception. So when she finds herself working alongside the sexy, brooding Dragon shifter Lyre, things get interesting.

Lyre has always been a solitary man, and he has good reason to want to keep things that way. But when the beautiful red-haired Hunter comes into his life, he has a hard time keeping her at arm’s length.

Will his desire for her prove too great to resist?

Find out if love can prevail in this second instalment of the Dragon Guild Chronicles.

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This is the complete Dragon Seeker story, originally published as a three book serial. This publication is a satisfying standalone novel. The characters’ complete stories start in Book One, Dragon Hunter, continue in Dragon’s Lover, the continuing Dragon Guild Chronicles.

Approximately 85,000 words or 375 standard pages.

Warning: heat, adventure, twists and turns.

Picturesque scene descriptions, intriguing plot, spine-chilling action and sensuous romance keep you glued to this story until the end… an exhilarating read that had me on the edge of my seat.

- Midniteink

I was so excited to get the last installment of the Dragon Seeker and couldn’t wait to find out what happens… I finally got around to reading it and WOW it did not disappoint!

- Schulzhere

This was amazing.

Shifter/ dragon fans this us a must read for you!

- Pam Louis

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For the briefest of moments, Lyre was allowing himself to enjoy this—this closeness to another being. To feel what it was to form a bond with a person—something he’d avoided for years, decades, of loneliness. Deep inside, his Dragon purred approval, telling him that this was right. She was here for him, a gift. A treasure of his own.

But looking into those extraordinary eyes of hers, smiling up at him as much as her lips did, Lyre felt the creeping hand of devastation moving towards his throat, ready to lock on. To choke the happiness out of him, and to remind him that he wasn’t allowed any of it. 

He wasn’t allowed to have her.

She wanted him; that much was clear. It was written all over her face, her body language. Her scent, as well, told him that her body was ready to claim him, to take him for her own. The beautiful, heady lusciousness of the wondrous place between her legs betrayed any shyness that she might exhibit, and he would have been a liar to deny that he wanted to crawl under the table and to peel her tight jeans away, to have a taste of her. 

But to do so would have been unfair to them both. Because he could never follow through. Could never give her all of him, only bits and pieces. Enough to tease and to titillate, but never enough to quench the thirst that each of them had developed for one another. 

He was broken. And if she accepted him, she would break too. 

Minach had always told him that he was a fool; that there was no risk in taking a mate. But even Lyre’s twin admitted that there was no way to be sure. And he simply couldn’t—wouldn’t—take the chance. Not with a woman as vital and gifted as Trix. The bond with a Dragon was meant to enhance his mate, not to destroy her from the inside out. 

If there was a chance, though—if there was a chance that they could bond without risk—what a thing that would be. He would take her in an instant, so long as she nodded a yes. He would claim her, and it would be spectacular.

“What are you thinking about?” she mouthed, those sweet, soft lips moving for him, reminding him with every passing second what he was denying himself.

“You,” he spoke with his hand, finger pointing towards her.

“Me?” Instinctively she gestured towards her chest with her thumb.

He nodded, then, slowly, he pointed a thumb at his chin, his fingers gesturing upwards before rolling over the front of his face. 

“I don’t know what that means,” she said, smiling. Whether she did or not, he could see that she liked it. 

He typed a word into his phone, and let the mechanical voice utter it. 


Trix took a sip of her beer, another blush heating her cheeks. How did he do it? How did he make her feel so weak-kneed? 

“Thank you.”

Between them now, a stillness set in as each of them contemplated their next move. Lyre, torn between staying and leaving, between desire and responsibility. 

But it was Trix who made the move, typing another note and holding it up for him to see. Her screen, rather than her lips, communicating for her. Perhaps it was a fear of being misunderstood that drove her. 

And when he saw the message, there was no lack of clarity.

“Lyre, come home with me.”

He read her note, the shallowest of smiles forming on his lips, his eyes moving back to hers. He began to type a response. But instead of finishing it, he slipped the phone into his pocket and slid closer to her. 

A hand came up to her face, cupping her cheek, and oh so slowly, fingers trailed along her skin, downwards along her neck. Lifting away the mane of red hair that covered her white flesh, he stroked fingertips down, touching her so softly that she wondered if she was only imagining it. But a moment later she knew it was real. He leaned in, his mouth grazing the same spot, this time with a less gentle touch. Hunger, want, need transferred from that gorgeous man into her skin, sending tremors through her entire body.

Trix wanted to cry out with the erotic pleasure of it—those soft, tender lips meeting her skin were almost enough to bring about an orgasm. Never once in all her sleep-deprived fantasies had it occurred to her that his mouth would find its way to any part of her, or that any man’s touch could feel so fucking good.

He pulled back, looking down into her eyes, his own narrowing with carnal desire. Need pulsed through him, a throbbing entity overpowering his will. He wanted to say Yes so, so badly. To give himself over to her. To take her for his own, regardless of the risk. Deep within him, his Dragon approved, a fiery growl of consent rising up in its throat. She was the one, he knew. She was to be his.

But then the human in Lyre, that overwhelmed, devastatingly flawed body, remembered. A silent, desperate apology moved over his features, conquering any previous expression in one swift blow. 

I’m so sorry. The words read on his face just as easily as if they’d been written on a sheet of paper. 

As though to reinforce the message, though, he pulled his phone from his pocket once again and typed a new message: 

I want you so badly that it’s killing me. But I can’t be with you, Beatrix. Not tonight. Not ever.

And just like that, he rose from his seat and walked to the door without turning around. Stepping into the street he shifted once again, the Dragon exploding from his body almost as an act of rebellion, and took off for the sky.

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