Dragon's Lover

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Three
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Dragon’s Lover

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Three

Ashlyn Raleigh is on a mission. The only problem is that she doesn’t quite know what it is.

When she watches an incredibly gorgeous man walk into a London pub on a winter evening, her life becomes even more complicated. Is he the reason she came to England?

Aegis has been alone for a long time. He’s witty, charming and powerful; after all, he’s a Dragon shifter. But when the American beauty walks into his life, he’s not sure he’s meant to have her.

What will happen when fate begins to intertwine?

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Part one:


This is a serial in progress, published as inexpensive short books until the serial comprises a standalone novel. This  is Book Three of the Dragon Guild Chronicles, prefaced by Book One, Dragon Hunter, and Book Two, Dragon Seekerand continues in Book Four, Dragon’s Curse. 

Aproximately 20,000 pages each, or 90 standard pages. Warning: steamy, mature content. 

An intoxicating romantic tale filled with gripping suspense, secrets, horrific danger, life-threatening peril, powerful vivid scene descriptions, and sensuous sizzling passionate romance that keep you turning pages and craving more.

- Midniteink

This is one hot story.

- Dorothy Phillips

Carina has a style of writing that draws you into the story and makes you live it.

You will ache for Ashlyn and Aegis whether in lust, love or pain and agony. You will be immersed in their lives whether you want to or not!

- Denise Taylor

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When the blond god stood up to walk to the bar, Ashlyn was treated to her first sustained look at his legs. 

Oh, my. 

His jeans fit him very, very well and provided her with a great view of a round, tight butt, not to mention the tantalizing side view of the bulge behind his fly. His thighs looked as though they’d been carved out of marble by Michelangelo himself, and his gait was smooth and elegant. The guy knew how to move. Despite his massive size, he eased across the floor like a large cat stalking towards its prey—which in this case appeared to be a stocky bartender.

It was only when Mr. Fuckable had ordered the drinks and turned her way, drumming his fingers on the surface next to him, that Ashlyn’s eyes met his for the first time. The most intriguing shade of green-grey, they were mysterious, kind, keenly intelligent, and filled with humour. All at the same time. Great. So his eyes were deep, complicated, sexy and gorgeous, just like the rest of him. And now, oh, damn, they were staring straight into hers.

A slow, delicious smile spread across the man’s lips as he imprisoned her in his gaze, his eyes slightly narrowing as though to size her up. Despite the unrelenting stare, he didn’t seem sleazy or lecherous like some men who hang around in bars. There was more to his expression than a desire for sex; something far deeper lurked beneath his incredible surface, and Ashlyn ached to know what it was. 

Blood rushed to every part of her body and she tensed, frozen in place by indecision. A deer blinded by headlights, her whole world inching along in ultra-slow motion as she tried to sort out her next move. Should she look away? Yes, probably. Mr. Fuckable wasn’t blind; he knew she was examining him. But hell, he was examining her too. And the strangest sensation was hitting her; something told her that he knew everything she was feeling, everything she was thinking. The guy was invading her insides with his thoughts, with his everything, though she couldn’t begin to explain how. He was delving into her depths to explore her with more than just his eyes, invisibly stroking his fingers over every nerve, testing to see what aroused her. 

And she liked having him in there. Far too much.

You want to know what turns me on? she thought. You do, you sexy bastard.

Well, one thing was certain. Whoever he was, he was far more dangerous than most men. And so, so much more more desirable than any man she’d ever met. He was something special. Beyond human.

The bartender leaned forward and said a few words to his patron, and for a moment Mr. Fuckable’s attention was drawn away from Ashlyn’s stunned face. 

Oh, thank God. She stared down at the fingers that were still grasping her glass. They were trembling now, but she managed to draw the damned thing to her lips to take a final swig. A moment later she’d set it down and was all but sprinting towards the door, free of the blond god’s spell, if only for a merciful few seconds. She needed to get away from him, and fast.

The only other choice would be to walk up to the bar, strip him naked and lick every inch of his body. Right there, right then. In front of the whole damned world.

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