Dragon's Bane

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Five
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Dragon’s Bane

Dragon Guild Chronicles, Book Five

One horrifying night thirteen years ago, Wolf shifter Luna Sinclair witnessed an incident that changed her forever. That night, she made a heartbreaking discovery: that Dragon shifters are powerful, dangerous and terrifying. She wants nothing more than to be proven wrong. Now that her Pack is moving to London, perhaps she’ll uncover the truth about her Pack and about their sworn enemy.

Kirith Sigurdsson, an ancient Dragon shifter of Norse blood, has lived through centuries of mayhem on earth. Reclusive, hostile and out for revenge, he heads to London to seek out the Guild of Dragon shifters he’s heard so much about. If he can join their ranks, perhaps he can finally find a way to confront his greatest enemy.

That is, unless a beautiful woman comes along and stills the beast who’s dominated him for so long…


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This is the fifth standalone book in the Dragon Guild Chronicles. But not the last! The Dragons may have found the four Relics, but the Dragon Guild Chronicles aren’t over.

An intoxicating romantic tale filled with gripping suspense, secrets, horrific danger, life-threatening peril, powerful vivid scene descriptions, and sensuous sizzling passionate romance that keep you turning pages and craving more.

- Midniteink

This is one hot story.

- Dorothy Phillips

Carina has a style of writing that draws you into the story and makes you live it.

You will ache for Ashlyn and Aegis whether in lust, love or pain and agony. You will be immersed in their lives whether you want to or not!

- Denise Taylor

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