Plenty 4 - SlatePlenty 5 - Kai
Hi all! Just wanted to fill you in on what’s coming up.

Plenty of Shift, Volumes 4 & 5, also known as Slate’s and Kai’s books, will be out very soon. Originally I planned to release them together, but for various reasons I’ll keep them separate for now, with the possibility of bundling them in future.
Slate is a burly, sometimes a little too serious construction working grizzly shifter. He’s got a heart of gold, a daughter named Ruby, and a handful of woman to deal with when he takes Angel on their first date.

Kai is a wolf shifter with aspirations to become the new Alpha of the Kefir Pack. You’ll find out what happens when Angel picks him. I can tell you that she’ll never be the same woman again.

In March, the next two books will come out, one of which features Lucas, the Lion Sovereign whom you met in Tyler’s book. As you know, he’s not really into settling down. The other is a secret for now. 😉

April: Dragon Hunter will come out, one instalment at a time! Set in the Sought/Seeking world, it’s the story of Neko, a Hunter who lives in modern day London. Her job is to track the Lapsed, but when a mysterious stranger enters her office one day, she finds herself on a new course, hunting the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. He happens to be a Dragon shifter of the old blood, one of the long line descended from Gwynne’s family.

More very soon!