Hi all!

Just a little note to let you know what’s up over the next several months, since I’ve been planning for 2016’s releases.

  1. Plenty of Shift continues with Kai’s and Slate’s books, coming in February. I’ll be trying to release the two close together, as well as bundling Miri’s and Naomi’s stories together. I’ll post links when they’re available, as well as opening chapters to tease you 😉
  2. The Seekers continues as well. Book Three is only in the imagined stages at the moment, but look for a shift to modern times.
  3. On the Seekers front, I intend to start a new serial, taking place in modern day settings from London to New Orleans. The first heroine is a little special, though I don’t want to give it away. To give you a little hint, the descendants of Gwynne and her mates will be busy, and the Lapsed (introduced in Sorceress) will be a prevalent race. These books will come out starting in April 2016 and run through the summer.
  4. Near future: QUINN! I’m about to post the opening chapter of his book, which is very nearly done. Just give me a few days to edit and it’s yours. You can finally learn how Naomi’s life would have been different if she’d chosen the wolf over the lion.

Happy reading, all!