Plenty of Shift Book 1

Plenty of Shift is a Choose Your Own Romance series: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping.

Naomi and Tyler

Plenty of Shift Book 2

Tyler’s a sexy, motorcycle-riding bodyguard, and sure, that sounds enticing, but is he the right man for Naomi?

Naomi and Quinn

Plenty of Shift Book 3

Naomi has chosen Quinn in this book: a wolf shifter who’s mysterious, charming, and sexy as anything.

Seeking Her Mates

Alpha Seekers 2

Lily is a hybrid dragon-phoenix who happens to have her mother’s gift for time travel, and she’s adventurous to the core.


Alpha Seekers 3

Instinct and animal magnetism vs. magic and tradition. Which will win out?


Alpha Seekers 4

Two sexy shifter males, a woman who’s rather skilled in the ways of magic (and other things), and shifters galore.

Dragon’s Bane

Dragon Guild Chronicles Book 5

Now that wolf shifter Luna Sinclair’s pack is moving to London, perhaps she’ll uncover the truth about her pack and their sworn enemy.