Plenty of Shift Book 1

Plenty of Shift is a Choose Your Own Romance series: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping.

Naomi and Tyler

Plenty of Shift Book 2

Tyler’s a sexy, motorcycle-riding bodyguard, and sure, that sounds enticing, but is he the right man for Naomi?

Naomi and Quinn

Plenty of Shift Book 3

Naomi has chosen Quinn in this book: a wolf shifter who’s mysterious, charming, and sexy as anything.

Angel and Slate

Plenty of Shift Book 4

Angel chooses Slate, who has a life of responsibilities. But that doesn’t frighten Angel… after all, she’s just out for a good time, and he looks like he could use a roll in the hay.

Seeking Her Mates

Alpha Seekers 2

Lily is a hybrid dragon-phoenix who happens to have her mother’s gift for time travel, and she’s adventurous to the core.


Alpha Seekers 3

Instinct and animal magnetism vs. magic and tradition. Which will win out?


Alpha Seekers 4

Two sexy shifter males, a woman who’s rather skilled in the ways of magic (and other things), and shifters galore.

Dragon’s Bane

Dragon Guild Chronicles Book 5

Now that wolf shifter Luna Sinclair’s pack is moving to London, perhaps she’ll uncover the truth about her pack and their sworn enemy.

Dragon’s Kiss

A prequel to the Dragon Guild Chronicles

When Flick sets eyes one night on an enormous, gorgeous man called Dex, her life is thrown into instant turmoil. Could the old tales possibly be true? Could Dragons have returned to London?