Destiny is
yours to decide.

A fun, new twist on paranormal romance: self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping.

At the end of each book — after the Happily Ever After — you’ll be introduced to the lead character from the next book. It’s up to you to choose who she (or he) will end up with when you select the next story to read. And the beauty of it? You can always read both!


Plenty of Shift: Book 1

How well do boxer shorts burn?
Very well, it turns out, when accompanied by liberal amounts of lighter fluid

Miri’s had it with her cheating, lying, SOB boyfriend. And as she leaves him and a pile of charred clothes on his carpet, she embarks on a new life, independent of dirtbags. She’s always had a gift for matchmaking. Well, as long as she’s not part of the equation. And when her best friend suggests that she start a dating service, she can’t entirely find a reason not to.

Meanwhile, the most gorgeous bear shifter/bartender who ever lived enters her life. Will she be able to resist her own desires while she gets her new business going? Probably not. Remember–he’s a gorgeous bear shifter.


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Ageless male bear shifter
  • Grayson City, Ulrika Clan
  • Not so single anymore
  • Looking for a woman who’s utterly perfect, whose name happens to be Miri, and who loves sexual innuendo.
  • Leisure Activities: Banging, nailing, screwing.
  • Hobbies: See “Leisure Activities.”
  • Smoker: Hell no.
  • Profession: Bartender/Aspiring Cardiologist


Who should Naomi choose? The choice is yours. 


33 year old male
  • Grayson City, Shardik Pride
  • Very Single
  • Looking for female shifter, 25-35 years old
  • Leisure Activities: punching things, riding motorcycles too fast, sexual intercourse.
  • Hobbies: reading Dickens, Whitman and Austen
  • Smoker: No. That’s dangerous.
  • Profession: Bodyguard



35 year old male
  • Grayson City, Kefir Pack
  • Single
  • Looking for female over 25
  • Leisure Activities: Sailing on my yacht, avoiding talking about my job, deleting my browsing history.
  • Hobbies: Seeking out people who are cruel and paying them back via activities that may not be entirely legal.
  • Smoker: Only in bed.
  • Profession: Foreign “Investments.”


Who should Angel choose? Plenty of Shift books 4 and 5. 


32 year old male
  • Out of practice Grizzly shifter, Ulrika Clan
  • Single father of an adventurous little girl
  • Hobbies: Keeping his daughter out of trouble, lifting heavy objects for money
  • Job: Construction
  • Aspirations: To build his own house
  • Best features: The rare appearance of cheek dimples, an occasional sense of humour.


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29 year old male
  • Wolf Shifter, Kefir Pack
  • Aspirations: To take down the Pack’s corrupt asshat of an Alpha
  • Job: High School Phys Ed teacher
  • Enjoys long, naked walks in the woods
  • Given the options of true love or the position of Alpha, would choose love. Probably.


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About Carina Wilder

About Carina Wilder


Carina Wilder is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the Wolf Rock Shifter series, Sought by the Alphas and Seeking Her Mates serials, and the Seekers series.

Ms. Wilder enjoys writing about strong, real (though admittedly occasionally able to shift, work magic and seduce men with nothing more than their eyes and a blowtorch) women. Her heroines have attitude, flaws, insecurities and bodies that aren’t manufactured in laboratories. Carina loves traveling, which continues to influence her writing and story lines, which take readers everywhere from Cornwall to Paris to the Rocky Mountains.

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