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Encounters continues in…


Time travel, suspense, ancient rituals, and two male shifters for every female. For the women who seek their Alphas, life is never dull…or easy, for that matter.

Seeking Her Mates

Alpha Seekers 2

Lily is a hybrid dragon-phoenix who happens to have her mother’s gift for time travel, and she’s adventurous to the core.


Alpha Seekers 3

Instinct and animal magnetism vs. magic and tradition. Which will win out?


Alpha Seekers 4

Two sexy shifter males, a woman who’s rather skilled in the ways of magic (and other things), and shifters galore.

Dragon Guild Chronicles

The Bestselling Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance Collection

Suspenseful, sexy stories of Dragon shifters and the women who love them.

Dire Wolves of London

London’s in a deep freeze, but for a certain pack of Dire Wolf shifters, things are about to heat up.

Contemporary Romance

Single Ladies’ Travel Agency

Paris, London, Rome. Each city is the backdrop for a romantic encounter that will melt the panties off any red-blooded female.

Alpha Seekers

A Paranormal Romance Collection

Time travel, suspense, ancient rituals, and two male shifters for every female.

Plenty of Shift

A Choose Your Own Romance series

Self-contained, quick reads that will get your mind racing and your heart pumping!

Wolf Rock Shifters

Stand-alone paranormal romances to get your blood pumping, your mind racing and your fantasies about sexy shifters coming to life.

“…sizzling hot romance, edge of your seat suspense and heart-pounding adventure… Carina is, most assuredly, a master of her trade.”

Kindle reader, Dragon Wars

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

“My all time favorite author [is] Anne McCaffrey, but Carina is right up there. For anyone who is into shifters I would recommend this author to you.”

J Shoup
Kindle reader, Torn

About Carina Wilder

About Carina Wilder

Carina Wilder is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the Wolf Rock Shifter series, Sought by the Alphas and Seeking Her Mates serials, and the Seekers series.

Ms. Wilder enjoys writing about strong, real (though admittedly occasionally able to shift, work magic and seduce men with nothing more than their eyes and a blowtorch) women. Her heroines have attitude, flaws, insecurities and bodies that aren’t manufactured in laboratories. Carina loves traveling, which continues to influence her writing and story lines, which take readers everywhere from Cornwall to Paris to the Rocky Mountains.

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