For anyone wondering why Dragon Seeker, Part Three isn’t up for pre-order yet: It’s taking on a life of its own, and will be significantly longer than either of the previous two instalments. I love Trix and Lyre and want to give them the story they deserve, and since this is the final instalment of their trilogy, I’m taking my time in finishing it. And if you’ve read Parts One and Two, you know that there’s some unfinished business with Minach to look after, and I couldn’t leave that hanging.
In all likelihood, the pre-order will come ten days before the release date. And that will be soon; today I’m editing, writing a few necessary scenes and editing some more. If I had my way, I’d snap my fingers and be done today, but sadly, when I tried that my computer just laughed at me.
I’ve also begun work on the next book: Dragon’s Lover, and am very excited about where it’s going. You’ll see some familiar and some new faces.
Originally I began these books as an overarching story about the four Dragons’ Relics. But I enjoy this world so much that I intend to keep going, even after Dragon’s Curse is done. There’s even going to be a novella coming in August 2017 in a muti-author Dragon Box Set, that falls into this world. I’ve had requests for Minach’s story, and he certainly deserves one. So never fear; the books will keep coming at you as quickly as i can get them out.

Meanwhile, I have a few surprises up my sleeve. More to come on that!