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There are a limited number of spots available on Carina Wilder's ARC team! First come, first served, so sign up now. You will be notified via email when you've been accepted.

Click below to submit your email address to receive ARC copies of Carina Wilder's upcoming book releases.


Once you've received an ARC copy, you will be expected to submit your review on Amazon within ten days. Multiple failures to do so will result in a removal of your address to give another reader room to join.

If for any reason you're unable to open a file, unfortunately there's little that we can do. But we do check files before mailing to ensure that they're fully functional.

Please email links to reviews to so that her assistant can verify that they've been posted.

Also, please mention in the review that you were gifted the book in exchange for your honest review.

Thanks very much, and happy reading!

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